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Things To Do

Want to discover the beauty of the surrounding area?
  1. For those who love nature and sightseeing, you must go to Mount Etna or the beautiful Timpa di Acireale
  2. For sport fans, check out the ski-run in Viagrande, go-kart at St. Mary of the Sick, the ice rink in Nicolosi, and more.
  3. If you are interested in leisure and cultural activities Catania and its center is the place for you. There is a great choice of cinemas, theaters, concerts and discos.
  4. If you like shopping, there are many nearby shopping centers located in the hinterland of Catania.
  5. For those who love good food, lots of restaurants with delicious dishes of fish to discover the tastes of Sicily
  6. For travelers that want to visit the major tourist attractions, you can choose from the charming Acitrezza which is just a stone's throw away, the famous Taormina which is just 45 minutes drive on the highway, or the archaeological Syracuse

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